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We are pretty much in a constant state of raising funding for our clinics. Because so much of our supplies are consumable we are always replacing them. Surgical gowns, gloves, injectable medicines, deworming treatment, vaccines, pain meds, collars and leashes, flea & tick preventative ... well the list goes on and on. All of that is purchased again and again for each clinic.


When our medical trailer was stolen earlier in 2023 we had to start from scratch with tables, anesthesia machines, storage tubs, muzzles, surgical instruments, cots, towels, kennels, everything you see in the photo above and much more. Oh, and a trailer too.

So are funding needs are for:

  • consumables that are used on the dogs and cats we spay/neuter

  • travel expenses to get our veterinarians and vet technicians to our clinic location

  • rooms for them to stay in (they double/triple up)

All of our staff are volunteers so no money goes towards paying for their time and expertise. They do this out of the goodness of their heart. Big huge hearts each and everyone of them.

Once we announce a clinic we share an Amazon link with the supplies we need for that clinic. We use any monetary donations to pay for medicines not available through Amazon, travel expense like plane tickets and rental cars, and for rooms.

We are a 501(c)(3) EIN #46-4129178 so donations are tax deductible when no goods or services were received in exchange.

We can accept monetary donations via Venmo and Paypal and now thru Zeffy who doesn't charge us a fee! Just click the logos to find us on those platforms.

You can also send a check to our corporate office listed on the bottom of this page. Payable to:

Helping Paws Across Borders

We truly appreciate each and every donation, no matter the amount. Every little bit will help an animal in need of a spay/neuter surgery. You can help in a very big way with any donation.

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