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Helping Paws Across Borders (HPAB) is a field/mash clinic that does free spay and neuter on animals in New Mexico and abroad. We also provide education to help improve the quality of life of animals and people. We have been doing this for 15 years and have treated thousands and thousands of animals, including 9000 to date (early 2023) at no cost for Native American Reservations in New Mexico.

We have always strived to make a positive difference in the lives of unwanted and abused animals through compassionate care, rescue and medical intervention.

We gained our non-profit status in 2014 but work had already begun years before after founder, Angela Cherry, had witnessed first hand during her prior career of the need to control the overpopulation of stray animals around the globe and even right here in NM where she lived.

We have traveled from the states (including Native American reservations and pueblos in New Mexico), to Belize, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and even being one of the first groups in allowed into Chernobyl.
It is always an honor and privilege to travel with HPAB and our dedicated volunteers, and meet some of the most amazing, grateful and thankful people and animals ever to come across.


angie cherry founder of hpab
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